Pantyhose 1, Steph 0


Today I learned that pantyhose suck! Oh wait: that’s something all women have known since the beginning of time pantyhose. However, these ones are particularly bad.

I’m sick of going into Duane Reade and seeing pantyhose for $25. I’ve come to accept the fact that I have to pay to be constantly, uncomfortably squeezed all day, but do I have to pay so much?? That’s why I went on Amazon and found the cheapest pair of hose I could find that didn’t look like they’d fall apart in my hands. Well, these certainly won’t do that, since I think they are made of burlap.

The more I think about it, the less I like the concept (and reality) of the “control top.” Are women who don’t artificially flatten their stomachs somehow out of control? Maybe it’s bigger and more obvious than that: an embodiment of the values established when the workplace was predominantly controlled by men. I hesitate to use the phrase “male-dominated” anywhere, not just because it’s over-used, but because it’s not accurate in many cases…in my department, women outnumber men  ten to one. Yet these rules remain in place, not overtly but silently, rules that say “we don’t want to see your bare legs, but  a tighter, smoother version of your legs is okay.”

A tighter, smoother version of you is okay. Just don’t lay yourself bare.


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