Jay’s Jeepney

According to Urban Dictionary, a “jeepney” is

A popular and convenient way to get around in the Philippines. The jeepney is the most used mass transportation in the Philippines.



The first jeepney was the army jeeps left by the United States after the Second World War. Artworks of painstaking detail are often seen on the shining chrome bodies of these vehicles, which, as earlier said, are copies of army jeeps, resized and remodeled to accommodate commuting passengers numbering from 20 to 30 all in all.

The unique thing about jeepneys is that no jeepney is exactly the same as another.

Jeepneys usually have boards attatched on the windshield of the jeep to indicate where it will be going.

Passenger usually shouts “PARA” if they want to leave the jeepney.

I looked this up after noticing a drink on the menu of my local coffee shop, Cafe Amrita, called “Jay’s Jeepney” (it is a cafe au lait with a shot of espresso in it). Wondered if this was an actual drink or something the proprietor made up…apparently the latter. Did not know they were Filipino…buuuuuut it makes more sense to me now that the cafe turns into a soccer bar at night.

UPDATE: There is also a restaurant called Jeepney in NYC!


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